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Here's how it works:

Pick a show.

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We're launching with eighteen of Netflix's finest.

Gather friends.

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And turn on the TV. Once everyone is ready...

Game on!

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Answer trivia questions in-sync with your show!

And here's our current shows:

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Still have questions?

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How much does Plot Guru cost?

If you join our early-signup list now, Plot Guru will always be free for you no matter what. Once we release the app, everyone that didn't sign up early will be subject to in-app purchases.

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When will you release it?

Expect Plot Guru to be live on the App Store in January 2015. The Android version will follow on Google Play shortly after. Join our early-signup list to be notified when these releases happen!

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How is Plot Guru "real-time?"

Plot Guru is played while watching streaming television. It syncs up with the show you're viewing, allowing you to receive questions relevant to what's currently happening on-screen.

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Does Plot Guru only work with Netflix?

Right now, Plot Guru is designed only with Netflix in mind. Though this will change in the near future, as we format to app to work with other services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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What Netflix shows will you launch with?

Plot Guru will be released with 18 of the best shows on Netflix, listed above. If there's a certain show you'd like us to add, send us a tweet @PlotGuru.

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Is Plot Guru for all ages?

It depends on the show! As a rule of thumb –– if you're comfortable watching the show –– you'll be comfortable using Plot Guru with it.


Join our early-signup list and we'll give you every in-app purchase for free, forever!